MOVIE REVIEW: Unforgettable

Love triangle thriller starring Rosario Dawson and Katherine Heigl.  When Julia moves cities to be with her fiance David she has to face more than just a new city.  Julia has to be a step mother to David’s daughter Lily, and play nice with the ex Wife Tessa.  Tessa is constantly trying to be perfect in every way of her life and if you fail to live up to her standards then all hell will break loose.  The other problem here is that Tessa doesn’t want to be divorced from David and will go to psychotic lengths to get him back.

I love a good love triangle thriller.  Fatal Attraction for me being the Daddy, or Mother, of them all.  There was so much good in there with the performances and the complete story, that you can barely fault the movie.  Since then we have been subjected to a lot of pretenders to the crown, most are like Unforgettable, very forgettable and very very awful.  I hate to bash a movie but films like this one are deserving of that.  If you are going to spend millions on a film, then make it the best damn film, also make sure that the characters are engaging and the thrills are many. 

I like Rosario Dawson, have for a long time, here she’s probably the best thing about the film and why they couldn’t make more of her complex character I cannot tell you.  As Julia, who Dawson plays, is a vastly complex character who is getting over a toxic relationship, but it’s all wasted, washed down the drain after the first five minutes.  Katherine Heigl however is a total head scratcher, what is she doing?  I need to know.  First of all her face looks like every botox in the world has been sent to her trailer, and also I kept thinking she was playing Ivanka Trump, but she wasn’t.  Her character of Tessa is a wasted chance at a Glenn Close style character from Fatal Attraction.  You cannot, cannot, cannot, just let a character let a character, an actor just stare at the camera with some deranged jealous look, and expect us to be scared of her.  That is where the film falls flat for me.  I’m just not that bothered or scared by the situations.

Playing David is The Odd Couple supporting player Geoff Stults, who does the usual job of the man in the middle, not believing that the Ex is a psycho and thinking that ‘Oh! The new girl will settle in.’  The script is that predictable folks.

Another problem for me is that nearly EVERY woman in the film, bar one, is played as bitchy back biting females.  I’m not joking.  I wish I was joking and wish that this was played as a joke, a parody of the genre, then I’d be ramping up that score.  Sadly this film follows in a long line of psycho love stories that we’ve gotten of late, The Boy Next Door being one such film that is giving me constant nightmares over its awfulness.  I want to point out that Heigl is degenerating as a performer, here she’s reaching the levels of American Soap Opera, I don’t know what happened to her, she showed so much promise.

If it was not for Dawson then this would be getting a zero, and I swear to the great pumpkin if you go to the cinema to see this and make it a hit, and we get a follow-up movie, I’ll find you.  Save your cash for something coming up that you’re going to love.  Dawson alone cannot justify the cost of a cinema ticket for this one.

Director: Denise Di Novi
Writers: Christina Hodson, David Leslie Johnson (screenplay) (as David Johnson)
Stars: Rosario Dawson, Katherine Heigl, Geoff Stults

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