The downward spiral of American comedies continues.  This time James Franco plays the colourful millionaire who is starting to date the daughter of a struggling businessman.  The businessman is played by Bryan Cranston.  The fact that Franco and Zoey Deutch have been dating for a year without telling Cranston is the conflict that we’re meant to find funny.  It was not funny.

download-1The amount of American Comedies that I’ve seen this year is countless, and not because I’m terrible at math, it’s just that we see a lot of these comedies, we suffer for you! But the amount of good American comedies that have come through are so few and far between that I’m losing the will to continue on.  Here some of America’s greatest living comedy talent fails in every way to bring the laughs with only Megan Mullally coming out on top but sadly there isn’t enough of her in the film.  Franco swears as much as Wolf of Wall Street combined cast swearing.  The writers of this film, which is headed by Jonah Hill, traded swearing for jokes, or thoughts about the comedy.

I think I laughed twice, not belly laughs that I have a love for unleashing, but brief snorts from the nose.  I’m sitting here wondering what the point of the review should be from here on.  Once the film starts you know where it’s going and there is so little plot that you wonder why it took three people to come up with this and how come such talented performers such as Franco, Cranston, Keegan-Michael Key, Mullally, and a lot more signed on the line to make it, other than money or owing favours. hqdefault

A big thing for me is if a film is worth paying into a cinema to watch.  Why Me?  No, it’s not.  Going to the cinema these days is expensive, it is an experience, and we remember the bad as long as we remember the good.  The performance level from the cast is barely worth their fees for starring in this film, which tries to be funny, tries to make comments on American Culture, and tries   and fails.  I gave this one of five for the few laughs, Megan Mullally’s performance, and the fact that I’m feeling generous.  If your choice is between watching this film or staying at home and sorting out your sock draw then the choice is clear, just a hint, you make sure that order them by colour.  I’m going to leave now and stop bashing this film, it deserves it, but the Christmas Spirit is in me now, it’s called Gin and I’m a half a bottle in.

Director: John Hamburg
Writers: Jonah Hill, John Hamburg, Ian Elfer
Stars: Zoey Deutch, James Franco, Bryan Cranston

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