MOVIE REVIEW: Wonder Woman

You wait your whole life to see your childhood hero on the big screen. Was it worth it ….Hell Yeah!!

Wonder Woman is a visually spectacular movie with a beautifully placed score and remarkable stunt co-ordination.  Every moment of this movie has been waiting to be thrust onto the screen and it oozes appeal for all levels of fans.

Gal Gadot is perfect as Diana Prince, we saw just a glimpse of her potential in Batman Vs Superman. This movie shows off her strengths as an actor and as a beloved super hero. She was respectful of the role and comic fans will appreciate this when going to see the movie.

We start this adventure with Diana walking in Paris on her way to her job in the Louvre; lo and behold there is a Wayne Enterprises Van outside and we see Miss Prince being handed a locked briefcase with the Wayne logo on it.  This is not at all surprising as our superheroes are becoming friends but what would Bruce Wayne have that Diana Prince would want? The answer, a photo, taken on her first adventure with her first love and her first non-amazon friends and a note with it hoping she will tell Bruce her story one day, instead we get the full load down.

We begin our tale with a young Diana living on Paradise Island, daughter to the mighty Queen Hippolyta. She is different from the rest of the Amazons’ but doesn’t know it yet. Her mother wants to protect her so insists that she does not train to fight, instead she needs to focus on her studies. But Diana has other ideas, she watches the training, taking in what is said, trying to learn the lessons the great General Antiope is teaching.  Oh and by the way the general is her Aunt and she wants to teach her to fight just so you know.  As you can imagine she gets a little older and defies her mother and begins training with her Aunt. This leads to some epic training montages and the first of many Wonder Woman slow motions action sequences.

One day after training an aeroplane crashes into the waters of paradise island and Diana jumps off a cliff into the sea to save the drowning solider. She pulls Steve Trevor from the wreckage onto land amazed at this …MAN!  (FYI there are no men on Paradise Island, maybe that’s where it got its name from..just kidding ? ) The other Amazons’ appear on the cliff just as the bad guys chasing Steve realise they are not in the same place as before. This s the first full fighting action scene. The choreography is spectacular. It was like looking at a ballet with weapons. The stunt crew on this movie deserve high praise.

After this battle, Diana learns of the war in the outside world. She believes with all her heart that it is her duty as an amazon to fight this evil and return the world to peace. She knows Ares the God of War is behind it and she is going to stop him. Her mother forbids her from leaving, telling her it is not her fight but this just makes Diana ever surer that this is the right thing to do. She takes​ the lasso of truth, the shield and the most powerful sword in her world, the god killer, and chooses to leave Paradise Island with Steve knowing that she will never be allowed to return.  But for Diana this is what she was born to do.

She and Steve sail off the island and land in London where Steve needs to be. He arranges for his ever-trusted secretary Etta Candy to meet them and to bring Diana shopping for something more suitable to wear. Steve brings her to meet his boss to give him the book he stole from Maru aka Dr Poison. Oh yeah I forgot to mention Steve isn’t any ordinary solider he’s a spy.

But as usual the higher-ups don’t care so Steve decides to go on a mission without their permission, enter his buddies Charlie (Scottish sharp shooter), Chief (native American tracker) Sameer (grifter and want to be actor). They decide to go to the front and stop Dr Poison and the insane General Ludendarf from killing the world. Before they leave the noble Sir Patrick arrives and funds the operation as he wants this war to stop.

Off they go and the fun starts. From here on in the war front scenes are phenomenal. The little details highlighted just as much as the big. The cinematography is spectacular. And you get sucked in and kicked out in just the right ways. It doesn’t seem as long as it’s 2.5 hour running time. This is by far one of the best movies of the year and DC have done an amazing job. Gal Gadot is not some token female; she is front and centre working hard and taking the role to a new level that even Linda Carter is proud of. And if my childhood Wonder Woman endorses this movie then I am standing beside her saying HELL YEAH.

Director: Patty Jenkins
Writers: Allan Heinberg, Zack Snyder, Jason Fuchs, William Moulton Marston
Stars: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright

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