Advance Review: Nailbiter #5


Story ByJoshua Williamson
Art ByMike Henderson
Publisher: Image Comics


The mystery continues in Joshua Williamson’s Nailbiter, delivering yet more pieces of the puzzle that only raises more questions as this series continues.

It’s very rare for a comic to convey the thriller genre so well as Nailbiter does, as this book continues you instantly get the sense that Williamson has this planned out to the most minute detail and it’s immense amount of fun to join him for the ride. One of the things that is great to see is that both writer and artist have created a very dark and disturbing story without relying on over the top gratuitous scenes and ultra-violence, so much so that when a couple of scenes of this nature pop up in this issue they are the more shocking and carry such an impact when they happen.

Yet again this issue ends with a cliff hanger but, with a story of this nature it is only natural as it serves to deepen the mystery that the writer is telling with this story. With each tiny detail that is delivered to the reader the creepier this book gets, whilst reading it you feel that there is someone watching over your shoulder waiting to strike.

On the art side of the book, Mike Henderson & Adam Guzowski capture the script perfectly. The town of Buckaroo is one that you would rather not visit; every panel evokes a feeling of despair and creepiness in large part thanks to the colour palette chosen by Guzowski. There are no bright vivid colours in this book everything is either very dark or muted, even in daytime scenes or in well-lit areas you can still tell something is not right with this town. As you can see with the art, the mood is complete with this book.

With the writer and art team working together so well on this book they create a really effective sense of tension as you are turning the pages of this book, always in the back of your mind wondering what will happen to these characters and just how far the rabbit hole goes in the town of Buckaroo.



By Matt Deery

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