New Dreamcast game released in 2017!

Videogamesnewyork is expanding its support for independent developer’s and small publishers. Our latest interest is strengthening the market for development and distribution on video game systems past their production life. The Sega Dreamcast is the front most of this market, steadily gaining a stream of quality products that eventually go one to be re-released on modern systems like the PlayStation 4.

If you are not familiar with the Independent Video Game scene, the Sega Dreamcast has seen a handful of games every year since and continues to gain in quantity and in quality. In 2017 this market has reached a new milestone with the release of BREAKERS.

Breakers is a competitive fighting game developed by Visco Games on the NeoGeo coin-operated platform on December 17, 1996. 21 years later a version of the game had been developed for the retired video game platform and released with the official licensing of games original creator and current rights owner Visco Games.

This marks the beginning of a new era of Independent Video Game Publishing, BREAKERS is the first licensed port of a pre-existing commercial game to be released onto the system.

We have partnered with Playcrafting and PLAY-NYC to promote this amazing milestone in gaming history in addition to the assortment preexisting independent Dreamcast titles that have made this market a possibility.

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