Oni Press, Portland’s premier comic book publisher, is excited to announce a special Rick and Morty™ one-shot written by Sean Vanaman and Olly Moss of Camp Santo’s hit video game Firewatch™!

Sean Vanaman is the co-founder and developer of Camp Santo, as well as the writer of Firewatch™. He previously was a co-project leader and lead writer on Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead: Season One.

In Rick and Morty™ #29, based on Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s Adult Swim™ series, Rick introduces Morty to a new invention: a device that measures any entity’s potential to become a fascist dictator. What could go wrong?

Fans will be also excited about an open-to-order alternate cover illustrated by Campo Santo art director Olly Moss. He is also a famed graphic artist, best known for his redesigns of movie posters, such as Harry Potter and Star Wars.Rick and Morty #29 interior art and retail cover is by series artist CJ Cannon and series colorist Katy Farina.

Rick and Morty #29 arrives in comic shops August 23, 2017. Retailers can order with Diamond Order Code JUN171842 (Cover A, CJ Cannon) or JUN171843 (Cover B, Olly Moss).

For additional press queries, please contact Oni Press Publicity Manager Rachel Reed at [email protected].

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