Battle other warlords for power in Gloren, pit your wits against Fate, and vie for the Gem of Making in this new fantasy card game!
Games Lab is pleased to announce their aptly-titled tactical card game Final War will continue its glorious invasion of North America at PAX East 2017!
Final War will be at Booth #10085 in the Expo Hall.
The first 100 people at the booth per day will get a free exclusive Legendary card! Each day we’ll also be awarding exclusive Legendary cards to people who put their name into the Barrel of Berserking. Put your name in to get a chance to win booster packs and all 3 exclusive cards. We’ll be doing frequent giveaways during the convention, so come see us to get a hands-on demonstration of the game!
Final War is a turn-based card game for 2 to 4 players, set in the magical world of Gloren. An uneasy truce has ended on Gloren, descending it into chaos as Warlords from different races vie for an orb of immense power, the Gem of Making.
The first edition of the game boasts over 400 separate cards, as well as three variations of play. Manage your Warlord deck and build your army while battling your opponent and resolving events from the communal Fate Deck. Play continues until the Final War card is drawn, which pits the players into a duel-to-the-death struggle. Arcane and Carnage expansions are slated for release in November 2017, adding six new warlords to the game.
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About Games Lab
Games Lab is an independent game studio founded in Sydney, Australia, in 2009. Games Lab’s dedicated team has developed Apps that include Penny Parlor and the puzzle-based Final War: 5 Dragons, while focusing on the production of the physical Final War Tactical Card Game. This game features stunning fantasy artwork and innovative gameplay, with the Onslaught 1st Edition launched at PAX Melbourne in November 2016, to be followed by two expansion packs in 2017. Visit us at .
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