Nomads battle it out in a 24-hour charity challenge

Chance to win a £150 Steam Key bundle!

Nomad Games will be playing video games to raise money for the Special Effect Charity throughout Friday and Saturday as part of GameBlast17, the  UK’s largest gaming marathon weekend, which has been likened to a ‘Children in Need’ for gamers. It’s backed by big names in the games industry including GAME, Twitch, and Faceit, and aims to raise £100,000.
Special Effect use technology to help people with disabilities benefit from the fun and inclusion of video games and Nomad Games are asking people to help them raise money for the charity by watching their Streams on Twitch and YouTube and sponsoring them via their online fundraising page.
Nomad Games has thrown in a Steam key bundle worth over £150 to a lucky sponsor, which will be drawn at random next week (*see below for what’s in the bundle).  Not only that, everyone donating £1 or more will be offered a Shaman character Steam key for Talisman: Digital Edition! And if you donate before Friday you could be in with a chance of playing live with the developers!
Nomad’s live Stream lineup includes a Zombie Lord playing Smash Up and the popular YouTuber Cybernova challenging the team to a game of Talisman: Digital Edition!
For more details on times of the live Streams and competitions visit their JustGiving Page ( .
More details of the GameBlast17 event can be found at
“Playing for 24 hours is a big challenge, but we’re asking people to attempt it to help the thousands of people who, because of a disability, can only sit and watch other people have all the fun with family and friends.” said Mark Saville, Special Effect’s Communications Officer.
“Nomad Games’s efforts will help people like John ( who never thought he’d be able to play video games again because his muscular dystrophy stopped him using a controller,” said Mark. “The sponsorship raised through the GameBlast weekend will change the lives of many more people like John through the gift of gaming fun and inclusivity.”
*Steam key bundle includes Talisman: Digital Edition Gold pack, Talisman: The Horus Heresy, Smash Up starter pack, Chainsaw Warrior, Spacehulk Death Wing, Blood Sports TV, Heroes of Normandie, Last Days of Old Earth, Backgammon Blitz and Lapland Solitaire.
Nomad Games will be live Streaming on:
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