Obituary: Adam West, 88 “Goodbye Old Chum”

It has been reported that Adam West, the Batman for a generation, passed away Friday aged 88 after a short battle with leukaemia.

For many, Adam West’s Batman was their first introduction to the character and regardless of the colourful zany villains, Adam West was the quintessential straight man, playing every line, every beat in an earnest and serious manner.  Horribly typecast as the caped crusader once the show was cancelled, Adam took every opportunity to add to the legend of Batman with animated appearances in the 70’s;  the 90’s as The Grey Ghost and later in The Batman as Mayor Grange before starring in the recent animated movie “Return of the Caped Crusaders”.

Colloquially known as “The Bright Knight”, his passing leaves Gotham City a darker place.

Everyone at Comic Crusaders and the Undercover Podcast Network  shares their thoughts and condolences with the family of Mr West at this difficult time.


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