One of the most acclaimed how-to-draw lessons is being collected for the first time, as BART SEARS’ DRAWING POWERFUL HEROES: BRUTES AND BABES will be published by Ominous Press. The project is being supported by a Kickstarter campaign intended to bring Bart’s collected drawing lessons, as well as a separate art book, to fruition.

Acclaimed comic artist Bart Sears taught an entire generation to draw with his Brutes and Babes column in Wizard Magazine, which was the bible of the comics industry for a decade. In the pages of Wizard, Bart presented dozens of drawing and storytelling tutorials, providing an expansive education in comic art and illustration.

Bart Sears’ Drawing Powerful Heroes: Brutes and Babes!

“I always thought of my drawing tutorials as very personal, like a direct conversation between myself and an artist. I loved that aspect of it. This Kickstarter feels the same way, making a direct connection with the backers who will make the project a reality,” said Bart Sears.

Now, through this Kickstarter, Bart Sears is finally collecting his influential drawing lessons. The classic Brutes and Babes lesson have been expanded, updated and revised, as well as re-designed for a more reader-friendly and eye-pleasing experience. Bart will also write and draw five completely new lessons just for this collected edition. The lessons are filled with insights, instruction, tips, tricks and time-tested rules of illustration and narrative art.

This edition is planned to be at least 96 pages, with the possibility of expanding to as many as 144 pages, depending on the success of the Kickstarter. The resulting volume will be one of the best how-to-draw manuals ever published, perfect for beginners and more advanced artists alike.

Ominous Press Black Book: The Art of Bart Sears

As part of this project, the first volume of the Ominous Press Black Book series of art books will be published. The initial volume, the Art of Bart Sears, is the first comprehensive collection of Bart Sears artwork. The material collected ranges from published masterpieces to never-before-seen commissions, concept designs and much, much more. All of the art has been culled from Bart’s personal files, selected personally by him.

A wide array of rewards are planned for this campaign, from e-versions of “Drawing Powerful Heroes” and the Black Book, to a rare opportunities to obtain original art from Bart Sears.

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About Ominous Press
First published in 1994, Ominous Press has returned to the comic marketplace, creating an entire universe of epic adventure. Led by Chief Creative Officer Bart Sears, Publisher Sean HusVar, Editor-in-Chief Ron Marz, and Art Director Andy Smith, Ominous is committed to telling exciting stories of heroes and villains, supported by some of the best artwork found in comics.

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