‘Dawn of Aziel’ Update Adds Melee Weapons, Solar Utilities, Advanced Skill System, Mineable Asteroids, and the New Frozen World Aziel

Independent game developer Fenix Fire Entertainment and Reverb Triple XP, an initiative of the veteran PR team at Reverb Communications, announced today the first major content update for the multiplayer space-survival epic Osiris: New Dawn. Coming to Steam on December 15, the massive ‘Dawn of Aziel’ update adds a plethora of equipment and items including craftable melee weapons, the heavy assault rifle, placeable landmines, new outdoor utilities (the ChemStation and 3D Printer), solar panel arrays, the long-awaited Mech, and the new frozen world Aziel.

azielscreen3 azielscreens6

In addition, a bold new skill and proficiency system will be introduced in Osiris: New Dawn allowing players that level up their astronaut characters to spend points specializing in skills to suit specific play styles. Azurnium, one of the rarest mineral resources on Proteus 2, will also be available in this update, as well as the ability to mine nearby asteroids in space.

Stay tuned as more details of the ‘Dawn of Aziel’ content update are uncovered in the coming days!

The Osiris: New Dawn mission begins in 2046 A.D. after mankind’s revolutionary discovery of near-lightspeed “fold engine” propulsion abilities. This has landed the Osiris expeditionary mission team in the Gliese 581 system 20 light years away. As part of the second colonization team sent by the U.N.E. (United Nations of Earth) to study planets for potential Earth re-population, the spacecraft malfunctions, braking violently from light speed and forcing an emergency landing on the planet’s surface. Players must overcome the dangers of unpredictable weather conditions by building a central base, expanding the structure further with modular units to grow food, creating research centers, manufacturing bays and uncovering the dark events behind the missing Osiris-1 team, threatening Project Osiris.


Winner of ‘PAX West Best Indie MMO’ from MMORPG and ‘PAX West Best Survival Game’ from MMOGames, Osiris: New Dawn is now available on Steam Early Access for $24.99. To learn more details about the upcoming ‘Dawn of Aziel’ content update, join the mission of Osiris: New Dawn by following the game development on Twitter, “Like” the game on Facebook, and watch for upcoming livestreams on Reverb’s Twitch channel.

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