Described by Amy and Pat as “Aaahh! Real Monsters meets Adventure Time,” CLONSTERS imagines a whimsical world populates by various species of monsters made of clay. These Clonsters live their lives separately from each other. The quirky Earth Nuggets live in the Hilly Plains. The suspicious Pocket Robots hide out in the Junky Cove. The slow-moving Pocket Rocks dwell in the Mossy Marsh. None of them know, though, what secrets lie beyond the looming trees of the Darkly Wood…until Polly, a young Earth Nugget, goes on an adventure to find her lost pet, a creature known as a Splat. What Polly discovers about Splats and the nature of her world will change the Land of Nuggetiza forever…if she can arrive home safely!

CLONSTERS is a creator-owned graphic novel based on Amy Shand’s line of clay creations. Joining Amy as co-writer is Pat Shand (DESTINY, NY; Guardians of the Galaxy; Adventure Time), along with artist Vanessa Cardinali and letterer Jim Campbell. Clonsters was successfully funded on Kickstarter in May 2017 and will be officially released on December 20, 2017.

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