PREVIEW: I.T. – The Secret World of Modern Banking

Protagonist Evan Adonis, a young, honest, hard-working and quick-witted I.T. expert working in the crooked, unethical and internally corrupt People’s Trust Bank of NY, deftly thwarts a probing test hack directed by antagonist Adrian Pierce, the powerful Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of International Holdings Corporation.  Pierce is impressed, and schemes to exploit this as yet unidentified expert (Adonis).

At People’s Trust Bank, Evan was forced to expertly take the entire bank network off line in order to protect it from Pierce’s hack, and then to expertly and quickly restore all the bank’s systems.  Unaware of the hack, this service interruption infuriates President Ted Glauer.   Evan’s antagonistic boss, Oper. & I.T. Mgr. Mike Hurt, quickly directs Glauer’s anger squarely on Evan.  Hurt falsely blames incompetence on Evan’s behalf for the shut-down and Hurt falsely takes personal credit for the fast system restoration.

Chasing Abaddon is NSA agent Nikki Valoria, a sexy, young, athletic, skilled and deadly agent. Nikki’s urgent mission is to recover Abaddon, no matter the cost.

Nikki nearly obtained the Abaddon laptop from the office of the U.N. Secretary General when she was betrayed by a rogue cell of UK MI agents that kill Nikki’s partner and capture the laptop for themselves.

A rogue agent within the UK MI group assassinates the others and takes the laptop for himself.  Pierce is alerted of the theft by his secret contacts within the UN, and Pierce commands his organized crime contacts to blanket the city in order to find and to execute the rogue agent and return the laptop to Pierce. They are successful, and Pierce gains possession of the Abaddon laptop.

Pierce erroneously assumes the I.T. expert at People’s Trust Bank is its Oper. & IT Mgr. Mike Hurt.  Pierce coolly seeks to lure Hurt to unwittingly unlock Abaddon with the promise of lucrative employment if Hurt is successful.  Hurt, a sloppy, obnoxious and arrogant man who is in the middle of an ugly and expensive divorce, jumps at the chance of fast money, despite knowing full well he is incompetent in hardware matters and could never hope to unlock the laptop on his own.  Hurt needs a dupe, and fortunately for him, he has one under his iron fist – Evan Adonis.

Pierce repays his organized crime contacts by coordinating a lucrative “casino scam” with People’s Trust Bank management.  The details of this illegal scam will be revealed over the course of the story, but the main goal is this: to make real profit with completely fake money.

Evan lurks around in the back office shadows during this unusual, closed-door secret meeting between Bank Management and Crime Family members, hoping to discover just what is going on. As the meeting breaks up Evan is spotted in the shadows.  Even though Evan learned nothing, his snooping earned him a beating and a threat by crime family guys to keep his eyes, ears and mouth shut.

Next:  Things get worse!!

The story and art is by Scott McDaniel who is known for DC (Nightwing, Batman), Marvel’s (Daredevil, Elektra). Available NOW from Black Box Comics

Diamond Code: JAN171391


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