PREVIEW: INVISIBLE HANDS #1 from American Gothic Press

Delve into the world of an unknown consciousness with AGP’s award-winning science fiction series!

Imagine: you’re working late at the hospital discussing recipes with a co-worker. You come into the possession of an x-ray that should be impossible, and the man whose head it supposedly depicts suddenly corners you, demanding your help. Around the same time, another patient’s head explodes.

Are we having fun yet?

Writer Laszlo Tamasfi thought so when he submitted INVISIBLE HANDS to the 2016 Silver Scream Festival, and it paid off: it won the Best Graphic Novel Script award and publication by American Gothic Press! Now rendered in nightmarish detail by Michael Malatini with Riley Schmitz on colors, the mini-series is a trippy, bizarre throwback to 1950s pre-Code comics and the terror they wrought upon unsuspecting readers.

INVISIBLE HANDS hits comic shops on March 22!

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