PREVIEW: Robotech #1

July 26 sees the hotly anticipated Robotech #1 hit comic book stores and digital devices. The ’80s anime classic returns with a brand-new ongoing series packed with earth-shattering shocks and surprises.
Not just another retelling of the Macross saga …
In July, the story continues as we bring Carl Macek’s original vision full circle. Taking into account every iteration of the series, this new Robotech #1 casts a fresh eye over classic characters like Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes, Lynn Minmei, Roy Fokker, Claudia Grant, and Henry Gloval. Brian Wood and Marco Turini take us back to a Macross Island where *nothing* can be taken for granted.You can view our trailer for the series here
Writer: Brian Wood
Artist: Marco Turini
​Publisher: Titan Comics​
FC • 32pp • $3.99 • On Sale July 26, 2017
Robotech – a bri​ef history:
Robotech producer Carl Macek was recruited by Harmony Gold to adapt Macross for the US market. To meet television syndication requirements of the time, Carl deftly edited three Japanese anime series (Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross and Genesis Climber MOSPEADA) and created the concept of Robo-technology to tie them together into one epic​ ​
85-episode saga. Robotech introduced a whole new generation of Western fans to anime, and audiences grew to love Rick, Lisa, Minmei, Roy, Claudia, Gloval, and many more.
Robotech #1 hits comic stores and digital platforms July 26, 2017.
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