REVIEW: Q2: The Return of Quantum and Woody #1

STORY BY: Christopher Priest
ART BY: M.D. Bright, Dexter Vines
COLORS BY: Allen Passalaqua
LETTERS BY: Dave Lanphear
COVER BY: M.D. Bright, Oscar Jimenez, Neal Adams
PUBLISHER: Valiant Entertainment


Q2: The return of Quantum and Woody reunites creators Christopher Priest and M.D. Bright with the world’s worst superhero team!

I was a little apprehensive over this book as I was unsure whether we needed more Quantum and Woody in our lives after the last series ended and the Delinquents series kicked off a couple of months ago, however, this book had me chuckling all the way through. Priest just nails witty banter; every piece of dialogue spoken between the main characters flows so well allowing us to see that even with years apart this team is just as dysfunctional as ever. Comparisons to the Dark Knight Returns will be drawn in this story but, for a team like this it fits, allowing Priest to explore these two idiots well past their prime and explore deep down what makes them tick. By adding in a new “Quantum and Woody” provides avenues for great hilarity and this story’s opening shot leaves it plenty of room to grow, reintroducing us to an aged Woody shocked by this new generation of heroes, yet immediately starts insulting them.

Bright’s art is a real throw back, giving this book the feel of a 90’s comic which is by no means a bad thing at all. All of the panels are very highly detailed yet drawn in a style would expect from 20 years ago, which fits this story perfectly, in some cases echoing the work of Mark Bagley but, feeling like a perfect fit for the book in overall style and tone.  Yet again drawing inspiration and parodying the Dark Knight Returns we have this wonderfully designed homage to the Batmobile from that series and I am sure the parody will not stop there, I wouldn’t be surprised if some other Easter eggs from other series that have jumped forward in time make their way into the book and it’s going to be a lot of fun finding them whilst reading.

Q2: The Return of Quantum of Woody is quite simply a really fun book; this first issue sets up the miniseries perfectly, yet manages to provide plenty of gags along the way. It will be fun to see this series progress and if you are looking for something a little fun to read this Wednesday I would highly recommend you check this book out.

By Matt Deery


4/5 Stars

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