The FIRST in a new series of quick and to the point reviews, Rapid Fire Review. This week I’m blazing through six mainstream titles and giving you a quick glimpse at each while providing the classic 0-5 star system. Some of these titles you need to run out and buy… the others you need to avoid like the plague.


Captain America – Steve Rogers #6
Story: Nick Spencer
Art: Javier Pina
Publisher: Marvel

The confusing mess that is the Captain America/Hydra storyline continues, but now includes the wrinkle of Civil War 2. Cap has to worry about the added element of the Inhuman, Ulysses; a man who can see the future. It’s been foretold that Spider-Man will kill Cap on the steps of the capital. But until then we are stuck with Steve Rodgers and Tony Stark debating the same tired topics that we have been force fed since the beginning of this summer’s event.

The art is good. Pina does what he can in an issue that is 75% boring, talking heads. The story line is now so convoluted I’m unsure if Spencer or anyone else at Marvel can write their way out of this nightmare. The sooner this series comes to a close the better.

Final Grade: 2 Stars


Nighthawk #6
Story: David F. Walker
Art: Ramon Villalobos
Publisher: Marvel

Nighthawk’s reign of destruction comes to a close in this issue as we discover that the reason all of this violence is happening is because…are you ready? Real estate. Yep, a wealthy capitalist has been smuggling in firearms to local gangs to devalue property which he in turn swoops in a buys on the cheap. The story fizzles at the finish line. Villalobos’ panel work towards the end of the issue really steps up, the page in mind is a double page splash; a fight scene that is made up of 32 action filled panels. It is a true work of genius. Too bad the story can’t say the same.

Final Grade: 2 Stars


Star Wars: Poe Dameron #7
Story: Charles Soule
Art: Angel Unzueta
Publisher: Marvel

Now this is a great comic. Let’s start with the art; Unzueta’s work in this issue is absolutely incredible! Every panel was a pure pleasure to look at. The comic is worth the cover price for the artwork alone. Now the story; Poe meets an old navy buddy turned investigative journalist, Suralinda Javos, who says she has some dirt on the first order. Before the secrets can be spilled the pair is chased by the first order across the planet. By the end of the issue you’re unsure whose side Janos is on, but the ride was thrilling. This is just good old fashioned adventure comics at their best. I was very impressed.

Final Grade: 4 ½ Stars


Silver Surfer #7
Story: Dan Slott
Art: Michael Allred
Publisher: Marvel

If you’re a fan of Doctor Who then this version of the Silver Surfer might appeal to your tastes. The current plot of the Surfer travelling through the cosmos with Dawn Greenwood in tow is no different than that of the Doctor with his trusty companion. In fact if you simple replace the Surfer with Doctor, Dawn with companion, and the surf board with the Tardis then you have your typical BBC episode. As it stands with the Surfer however, you get the universal adventure without the charm or wit.

Allred is doing is typical work here, his style has always been take it or leave it for comic fans. The ones that love it REALLY love it and the ones that hate it REALLY hate it.

Final Grade: 3 Stars


Flash #9
Story: Joshua Williamson
Art: Jorge Corona
Publisher: DC Comics

For a title about the world’s fastest man this issue crawled along. Sure there were some great Flash moments inside. (A certain winged helmet made an appearance in the cliffhanger) but over all this is an issue devoted to the title’s three speedsters getting to know one another better. The art was solid, the story was fair. This is just a middle of the road offering for DC fans.

Final Grade: 2 ½ Stars


Wonder Woman #9
Story: Greg Rucka
Art: Liam Sharp

Wonder Woman is slowly returning to the classic status quo. Superman is out and Steve Trevor is back in as the romantic lead. WW and her friends track down a way to reenter into Themyscira which is the reveal in this issue. Wonder Woman finally makes her way back home. There is a lot to like about this issue. The characterization that Rucka gives not only Diana, but her supporting cast makes the issue flow perfectly. Sharp’s artwork is still on point and once again provides another example of why he has quickly become a fan favorite.

Final Grade: 4 Stars


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