From Pat Mills, Godfather of British comics and creator of 2000AD, and Kevin O’Neill, award-winning artist-creator of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, comes prose novel Serial Killer, a story of revenge for a lost childhood, of flawed and eccentric characters, strange passions, and arrested development. Fans of Marshal Law will not be disappointed by this latest collaboration of two of the most subversive creators in British comics.

Serial Killer is the first volume in the black comedy thriller series, Read Em And Weep. Book two: Goodnight, John-Boy, will be out later this year.

Indie-published by Millsverse Books – the imprint set up by Pat Mills and his wife, Lisa – Serial Killer is available as a paperback ($13.99) and an ebook ($4.99) on all the popular platforms.

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Described by Prof Will Brooker (author, Forever Stardust: David Bowie Across The Universe) as “Savagely affectionate, written with the confident ease of a career storyteller, and very funny, just like 2000AD at its best,” Serial Killer is set in the “Life on Mars” world of British comics publishing in the 1970s, and covers fictional versions of Action2000ADMisty and various girls and romantic comics.


“Just finished this twisted, very funny novel – 1st in a series by Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill.” Ian Rankin, Inspector Rebus series

London, 1975. The Sex Pistols do their first gig at the Marquee. Death Race 2000 and Rollerball are on at the cinema. The first Macdonald’s has just opened. And women are banned from wearing trousers in the office.

Meet Dave Maudling, editor of The Spanker, Britain’s most popular weekly comic. He’s a liquorice-pipe-chewing man-child, and the world’s laziest serial killer. Actually, he hasn’t killed anyone…yet. He’s intent on killing off his readers by inserting lethal information into his comic. But then something unexpected and wonderful happens…

This is Dave’s world, so he’s also being blackmailed by a monster from his childhood. He has a strange desire to date fur coats. And his femme fatale mother, Jean, is nagging him to solve her murder. Yes, she’s dead, but is she really just a figment of his imagination?

As he sets out to discover the truth about her death, despite casting himself as the Villain in his life story, Dave begins to turn into a Hero.

“Dave? ah god I can’t help myself, I think I’m in love with the fur-lovin’ freak!” –  An Amazon reviewer.

If you enjoy savagely funny novels such as Catch-22The Life And Loves Of A She Devil and High Fidelity, you’ll love Serial Killer!

“This is a book with teeth, it will flick you in the balls with a towel and get off with your girlfriend behind your back” – Antony Esmond, DownTheTubes


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