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I know what you’re thinking.. Why is a comic book guy writing about music? First of all Comic Crusaders’ motto is “All about Comic Book Pop Culture” and the word ‘POP’ derived from pop music and secondly we all love music and the movies of late whether of Sci-fi or comic book adaptions have tremendous soundtracks!


The idea of losing your beloved Record Store hurts like hell! When I was younger, I used to save my lunch money to buy singles which only included one song with a few remixed versions, if I’m lucky another song and i’d listen to them endlessly. I got older and when I started working I would buy the albums and the thing I loved about my store was the fact it sold imported hip-hop albums and singles that were not sold in bigger record chains. When I was into comics there were absolutely no Marvel T-Shirts sold in Australia and at this record store they had a Captain America T-shirt with just the shield!
Then came the MP3 boom of the early 2000s, I found myself asking “why buy music when you can get it for free?” and being the greedy bastard I was – I stopped buying CDs and overall stopped visiting the record store I loved. My life changed and I moved away, I went back to my home city two years ago to find the record store I visited for almost 20 years gone. I felt queasy in my stomach with the very thought of MJ’s disappearance and I sure as hell hope this does not happen again.

Record Store Day lands on the second Saturday of April every year, RSD is the day to celebrate our local independent record stores. This is like Free Comic Book Day for Comic Stores and Christmas Day for retailers. If you don’t intend to buy anything, please support your local store to see what’s going on, join the party and be a community member. All you have to do is enjoy the music, bop your head and smile.

Mark it on your Calendar, Saturday 22nd of April this is International Record Store Day’s Tenth Anniversary. Go to and find your local store no matter where in the world you are.

There are a LOT of albums released on Record Store Day, some new and some classics which are getting LPs for the first time. click here for Album images: and Click here for the list: and if you’re excited as I am – I don’t blame you!


Proudly owned RSD Australia board member Frog Harris’ Songland Records has been in Canberra Australia’s Capital since 1995.

CC: What is unique about your store?

SL: Being an independent music store in a department store is rare these days, its convenient for customers with easy access to parking and other retailers.

CC: Can you name celebrities who have graced your store?

SL: We’ve had local talents such as John English, Normie Rowe and countless others to international talents such as Leo Sayer and Suzie Quatro!

CC: How will you celebrate Record Store Day?

SL: There will be in store sales to attract a crowd as well as special releases.
As we are passionate about animals, we will support our local RSPCA by selling donated CDs and ALL of the proceeds will go to the RSPCA!
Find Songland:


Stephan who works on the front-left counter at the Record Store Darlinghurst in inner Sydney agreed to answer a few questions about Record Store Day. It has been in Oxford Street since 1995.

CC: When did you start celebrating Record Store Day?

RSD: Record Store Day came on the radar approximately 5-6 years ago.

CC: What have been the responses from your customers in the past RSD?

RSD: People love it. We put on DJ’s and get a gig happening at Cafe Lounge across the road. In addition to the limited releases we also make sure to order a really large selection of just dope records. This is fun but also necessary because so many of the official RSD titles are so naff.

CC: Can you name a highlight or special moment in your store?

RSD: They’ve all been pretty special, I mean we have had Briggs do an in store with Hau Djing, Hermitude did a set, Katalyst, Mark N and a host of other really talented locals mixing it up for our customers

CC: Why do you think vinyl is making a comeback?

RSD: It’s the only format left J And there are a raft of reasons that people like formats over file protocols. Experience is a big part of it. For the most part people consume digital music, it’s modelled, sold and used like a utility, but people experience tangible objects in a different way. I consume tap water all the time, but I frequently like to have a glass of soda water as well. Effectively I am imbibing the same substance; it’s just that the experience is different. Candles vs Electricity is also the same thing.
Also, the act of selecting a record (both in store and a home) kicks in the attention faculties of our brains. It’s way too easy to hit play on Pandora without thinking and go about your business, compare that to selecting a record, taking it out of it’s sleeve, putting it on the player and dropping the needle; by the time someone has done this, they are well and truly attending to the resulting music and this leads to a deeper experience, so people feel more connected to the music. People also like the sound of the needle on the vinyl J.

CC: What will customers expect on this upcoming RSD at Record Shop Darlinghurst?

RSD: We’re still tee-ing it all up, but as usually, we’ll have Djs playing in store, and more than likely there will be something happening at Cafe. Lounger and regarding the vinyl, well, you’ll just have to come into the store on the day and see J(Sales, music, etc)
How to get to Record Store in Darlinghurst:
Also, to find the needle you need:

Proudly owned by co-creator of RSD Eric Levin, Criminal Records opened in Atlanta in 1991. Though it had a brief existence starting in late 1989 in Daytona Beach Florida.

CC: What is unique about your store?

CR: The combination of comics and records is somewhat unique and we take a lot of care with each customer. We’re also located in a very unique neighborhood, Little Five Points, in Atlanta. We’re surrounded by mostly indie businesses and a vibrant restaurant and bar scene.

CC: How will you celebrate this year’s Record Store Day?

EL: This year we’re featuring several bands’ whose members work at the store. Plus, we’ve curated a lot of great used LP’s to match the unique offerings made specially for the day.
Go to:

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