What can I say about Warlock 5 that will entice a new reader to it??

Do you like Magic?

Do you like aliens from another dimension?

Do you like power struggles between good neutral and evil?

Do you like muscle cars?

Do you like kick ass fight scenes filled with fire and explosions?

Hell yes, I hear you say, then Warlock 5 is totally for you. This epic fantasy/sci-fi comic is a treasure trove of all the above and any fan of them will eat this comic up.

Printed in tradition black and white this not only adds to the story arc it also pulls you in and each time you look at the panes and pages you see something new. Its witty, intelligent and a little tongue in cheek but that makes you just want more.

From the first page filled with a mage and his knight performing an ancient ritual to the last page filled with a what can only be described as a post-apocalyptic A team waiting to kick ass this comic has it all, this comic is a thing of beauty.

It has a very Alien versus Terminator verses The Warriors vibe and the story is a little true to today’s struggles in the world. Who’d of thought it right. The struggle in this comic is over territory, everyone just wanting to rule a city. All the fighting between magic, robot and alien is a never-ending battle for power. With the Magical powers trying to keep balance, trying to remind neutral but the power hunger foes wanting to take over and rule it all.

Our magic protectors are happily drinking to a quiet night when their crystal ball shines and shows them that the fool’s are at it again. Will the grid every just stay peaceful?

So, where does this epic battle take place you may ask?? In a car park, of course. The action sequence is very similar to the warriors in its visuals and as the fighting begins you just get sucked in to the art work. With warriors and knights and machines all fighting it out to be the leaders of this grid the magical neutrals step in and kick ass. Machine guns at the ready as well as magic, not to mention my personal favourite part, one of them turns into a dragon. This my friends made my day, and this is only in the first issue. As you can imagine I ate up the entire series and loved every minute of it. This will make any fantasy/sci-fi fan happy and will keep you reading it over and over again. Rating 5 out of 5!

Covers by Denis Beauvais
Script by Gordon Derry
Art by Denis Beauvais

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