REVEW: Rotten Roots #1

Written by: Paul Axel
Art: Renee Majkut

“This “Ye Olde” Stuff is a pain in the ass to read”

Rotten Roots gets right to the point.  There’s a murder in town and newly on the beat Detective Robles is charged with the case.  This case comes with a twist, mirroring a murder case from back in Massachusetts puritan days.

The Issue bounces back and forth from modern-day, to Puritan times.  Showing how each case plays out and how they parallel each other.  Right down to the family involved.  It’s an interesting enough phenomenon,  but I’m never invested in any of the characters enough to care if one is hanged or one solves a case to come back.

Axel is struggling with his colonel dialect, and his flash backs are borderline unbearable to get through.  It picks up in modern times, but never hits a stride.  Majkut’s art doesn’t help. I had to re read a lot of pages as the Word Bubbles didn’t flow naturally.  Where they do shine though is in page layout.  There is a lot of smart framing, along with good blending of empty space and panel to panel.

If you’re the type who DVR’s Law and Order, you might enjoy this murder mystery.  It looks like Axel is going to tie a lineage of murders together through out the series.  But this was to sluggish for my taste.

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