REVIEW: 1602 Witch Hunter Angela #2

Writer – Marguerite Bennett
Artist – Stephanie Hans
Letterer – VC Clayton Cowels

Don’t Judge a book by its cover, or do, your choice…

At first glance it’s very D&D looking, dark and moody, if not for the raccoon I wouldn’t have guessed they were 17th century Guardians. Once I looked closer however I saw Groot and Drax.

A Long, long time ago in the last issue…

Angela and Serah, a pair of witch hunters in early 17th century London are hunting the Enchantress, who foretold of Serahs death if the pair continue to hunt her.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming…

Our hunters are riding and talking about what might be should they continue on their quest when they hear what could be a battle, racing to help, the pair join forces with the Gardiner’s men, a traveling performing trope Battling a demonic bear. The teams make short work of the bear. Sensing the handy work of the Enchantress the teams journey together to a small town in York for the wedding of a young couple. The Gardiner’s Men aka the Guardians are to be the entertainment for Anne and Edwin’s wedding, as an offering Serah offers a tall tale of Angelo and Sarah about love and trickery to the young couple. A dance before the wedding shines a light on the motives of the groom as Angela watches Edwin slip something in Anne’s drink. Before Angela can attack, Edwin calls on magics given to him by the Enchantress, he transforms into a Venom looking creature and a fight ensues. The beast is bested by Angela as he claims he did it for love not for power, his words fall on deaf ears as Angela takes his head, with the job done and the Enchantress still out there, the pair head off for the next battle. Not much characterization happens, not knowing these two I’m not sure if they are friends or slightly more  from the story Serah tells I’m inclined to believe they are in love.

Haven’t I seen you somewhere before?…

Apart from the Guardians we get a few other cameos in Heimdall, Odin and Venom.

It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye..

Body count is only 2, one being a possessed Bear, the other a Being Edwin, both deaths are bloody and violent and not for kids.

The Good, The Bad and The Meh…

The Good – the art is very nice, the story is easy to follow having jumped on at issue 2.

The Bad – the Guardians are very under-utilized.

The Meh – you wouldn’t know it was part of secret wars if not got the secret wars logo on the cover, it doesn’t add anything to the over all arch.


do you agree with my review?

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