REVIEW: 2000 AD #1940

STORY BY Rob Williams, Ian Edginton, Gordon Rennie, Pat Mills , TC Eglington
ART BY Henry Flint, Tiernan Trevallion, D’Israeli, Karl Richardson , Simon Coleby 
LETTERS BY Annie Parkhouse, Ellie De Ville, Simon Bowland
COVER BY Greg Staples
RELEASE DATE Jul 22nd, 2015

Ok for this anthology I’m doing a three sentence review (minus the credits, which I’m taking from the listing in the recap page) here we go…

Judge Dredd: Enceladus Old Life

By John Wagner & Carlos Ezquerra

Art, good but messy colouring helps keep things clear.

Writing, bit over cooked, otherwise solid.

Overall nazi sci-fi noir action via The Thing.

Absalom: Under a False Flag

By Gordon Rennie & Don Reardon

Art, interesting grey shaded noir, good style but slightly wobbly storytelling.

Writing, falls into trap of soliloquizing while throwing a punch it’s still pretty smooth and fairly intriguing.

Overall, the style arrived to the party first with a bottle of perky French wine, so if the story turns up with four cans of Supermarket Special brew it’s going to turn into a good looking but boring comic.

Helum: Part Seven

By Ian Eddington & D’israeli

Art, fantastic use of light and shadows depicting aerial action between air craft that were designed by an Airfix ninja with no regard for the instructions.

Writing, snappy, distinctive dialogue doesn’t get in the way of the action.

Overall, retro sci-fi giggles with a cliffhanger ending that made me interested enough to hope this comes out in trade.

Outlier: Dark Symmetries

By T.C. Eglington & Karl Richardson

Art, bit forgettable, lots of muscles standing about talking, colour seems to want to cover up dull design rather than create atmosphere.

Writing, nothing to say really, a lot of technobabble and trying too hard. The white on black bubbles were a bitch to read especially when they seem to be talking nonsense.

Overall, not offensive.

Jaegir: Tartarus

By Gordon Rennie & Simon Colby

Art, really good, have to work at it a bit to read it but it’s worth it and it all serves a story about an investigation into war criminals in a POW camp in a futuristic civil war.

Writing, again you need to pay attention or you’ll get lost but it’s worth it as there’s a see and rich world here I will try to find in trade.

Overall, if you wear a wet suit and snorkel you won’t drown in the depths of this atmospheric war story.

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