REVIEW: 2000 AD Magazine 1958

Published: 2000AD/Rebellion
Artists/Writers: Various

I just got to view one of the latest editions of 2000 AD comic book magazine and I have to admit that I was pretty impressed. If you ever picked up and enjoyed an edition of Heavy Metal Magazine then you are going to be equally impressed with the diverse story lines and artistic styles that 2000 AD offers its readers.

First let me say the stories that are presented in the magazine are not your typical super hero in tight-fitting spandex outfits with muscles that don’t exist in reality. No, these stories explore different twists are more graphic and have a more adult theme to them. With titles like; Judge Dredd by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra with cool art by Patrick Goddard, Defoe created by Pat Mills and Leigh Gallagher, Brass Sun created Ian Edginton art by Inj Culbard, Terror Tales by David Baillie and art by Joshua George and Bad Company by Peter Milligan with art by Dayglo and J.McCarthy, these aren’t comics for your little nine-year old.

Judge Dredd is dispensing justice with his fist. Defoe is a former zombie killer now a detective for Scotland Yard in 1671 trying to take down a group of “Superior Heroes” who are attacking the poor and desperate people of London England whose only crime are that they are protesting the King. In Brass Sun a child name Wren must face a hunter trying to track him down and kill him. In Terror Tales a young lady name Olive longs to know what it would be like to go outside and feel the warmth of the sun touch her skin without her protective suit on. Then Bad Company fights their way across a penal planet to find their old enemy the Krool.

Published every Wednesday you really can get your fill with your favorite stories. 2000 AD offers variety and that means there is always something new to read and something new for you the reader to be exposed to that you are not used to.

So step out of your comfort zone, try something new and pick up an edition of 2000 AD. I am sure that you’ll find something in it that will keep you coming back for more issues.

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