REVIEW: 2000 AD PROG #2010

2000ad is awesome. Boom. End of review. All jokes aside, I really have a lot to say about this series and for the most part it’s all praise. I thoroughly enjoyed each of the four stories within, some more than another. Being rather new to this storied and long running franchise, it seemed overwhelming at first. It’s a lot to take in and enjoy and moves from story to story. Each with worlds begging to be explored. I’ve been missing out guys. Each story has made a huge fan out of me, except maybe “Flesh”…

           This issue picks up in the middle of almost all the stories that make up the comic as a whole. They all only get around six pages each and one page with information to catch you up on what’s going on. Judge Dredd is it’s own story and it still felt on par with the other stories that are parts to a whole. That is how well the others (most) are crafted. These stories take place in worlds that seem lived in. Like so much going on under the surface.
        The art in all these stories in this issue have an eye popping, bleeding cool style of their own. Well except Flesh. It’s art feels stiff and resembles Photoshop photos with stiff drawing of dinosaurs. In a comic book so full of amazingly unique art style, the book that pops out the most is “Savage”. It’s black and white art pops off the page with the motion and emotion of its characters. Also I have the mention the Aeon Flux like art of Counterfeit Girl. With its zaney character designs and colors. So much history bleeds out of the page, begging to be learned and admired.
        As a single issue comic book, it’s still a great read. One that I’ve got to implore you to give a chance. Once given that chance, no doubt, you will fall in love with these worlds and characters. For this fact alone I give this a near perfect review. Only thing out of place for me was “Flesh”, but you might enjoy it more than me! If I haven’t convinced you already, take a look at what these worlds offer and dive in. 4.5/5
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