REVIEW: 2000AD #1974

G’Day Crusaders,

This is Dodgy86 in the mix, bringing you 2000AD # 1974 the long running anthology series, Proudly published by 2000AD. Cover art by Dylan Teague

Judge Dredd: The Grindstone Cowboys Part 2 by Michael Carroll with art by Colin Macneil and Len O’Grady. When the man known as “The Law” tells you to surrender, refusal is a mistake made with brutal consequences..

Tharg’s 3Rillers present Repossession Orders Part 2 by Eddie Robson with art by Jake Lynch and Simon Bowland. What if the walls could talk? No.. what if the wallpaper came to life?

Survival Geeks: Geeks Fatale part 2 by Gordon Rennie and Emma Beeby with art by Neil Googe and Gary Caldwell. A group of kids well diversed in pop culture are encountered with clones of a different kind.

Tainted: The Fall od Deadworld Part 2 by Kek-W with art by Dave Kendall. A group of Dark Judges have thrown their weight over a world now called Deadworld primarily due to the death and destruction they have caused. An injured Judge who developed a conscience plans to save a family who rescued him from death.

Aquila: Charon’s Mercy part 2 by Gordon Rennie with art by Paul Davidson and Len O’Grady. Two thieving assassins who use brutal tactics are forwarned of their potential fate, is it wise to fall upon deaf ears?


I have become fond of anthology series and enjoy flicking from one story to another through a handful of pages, some tones vary from non-stop action with Judge Dredd, to horror/suspense to a mild humour to violence. Definitely not for children, 2000AD has stood its ground as a world leader in being unapologetic in its approach to the comic medium. However the tone or mood of Survival Geeks (has the Goonies vibe) especially with the comical animation art-style, for me this is a major shift of the mode and there are some laughable moments. Then we jump back into the gritty tones. Brilliant story-telling and art throughout this book.

An anthology title I can read over and over!

You can buy this book as well as back issues at

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