REVIEW: 68′: Homefront: Dodgers #4

Published by Image Comics
Story by Mark Kidwell
Pen and Inks Kyle Charles
Colours Jay Fotos
Lettering Tom B. Long
Cover A by Nat Jones
Cover B by Christopher Shy

The Maple Leaf runs red as the Zombie apocalypse spills into the Great White North. Part of the 68 Zombie horror series published by Image Comics, Homefront is a mini-series set over four issues in the North American heartland. Issues one and two are planted in a sleepy town in Pennsylvania, while three and four are situated in the chilly north of Black Falls, Canada.

Set in the universe of the 68 comics we are confronted by Zombies, Zombies and more Zombies. I remember reading an issue some years ago and being instantly captured by the artwork. It was like seeing a Cannibal Corpse album cover coming to life right in front of my eyes. And I loved it!

Issue four of four plunges us into a mountain shack in an isolated area somewhere near Black Rock Alberta, 1968. We are instantly confronted with characters that know little about each other. There is an instant sense of desperation, as resources look scarce. And, as in every good North American Zombie story, the gun is a prized survival tool.

Not having read previous issues does not affect how this comic book reads. Quoting the great Stan Lee: “Every comic book is someone’s first.”

The artwork is gritty, scribbled with a frantic kinetic energy never shying away from lingering on the gorier details of pustulating wounds and glorious blood splatters. Different panels fight between the deep blacks and the murky overwhelming whites which allows the blood to become characters of their own. Almost like savage Rorschach tests in the snow.

Our characters are desperately endearing, trying to survive the best they can. Their actions are sometimes desperate, sometimes heartbreakingly sincere but always believable which draws us closer to them as we put ourselves in their shoes (or in this case snow boots).

Now we talk Zombies. While many representations lean toward a more stumbling, dead style of Zombie, here we can see a true hunger for flesh captured in the artwork. They are relentless. More in control then their human counterparts. And horrifically captivating.

On top of all this, this comic has won my undead heart by looking the reader straight in the eye and giving us what we want… A ZOMBIE MOUNTIE! (panel 93 on page 22). For that alone it gets an extra star. I am now chomping at the bit to read all the issues in this mini-series and find out more about the whole 68 universe.

I give this comic four out of five stars (plus one for the Zombie Mountie) so in total;

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