REVIEW: ’68 Jungle Jim Guts n’ Glory One Shot

Story By: Mark Kidwell
Art By: Jeff Zornow
Art By: Jay Fotos
Cover By: Nat Jones
Cover By: Jay Fotos
Variant Cover By: Nate Van Dyke
Variant Cover By: Jay Fotos
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: March 4, 2015

For those who are fans of this series, you pretty much know what you are going to get.  For me, this is my first issue; what started out as The Walking Dead in Vietnam become a lot more entertaining than I expected. The main thrust of the book isn’t Jim but rather the lengths Jim will go to in helping someone in need.

The writing, by Mark Kidwell, moves the story along at a fair pace, the set pieces coming think and fast.  Inner dialogue has been done a million times in various books (some good, some bad), but with  Jim’s semi isolated existence, this is an occasion where it works, although without a visual difference, it was a little confusing to start. Tidwell does well with a much used twist, allowing the reader to enjoy the action pieces, which distracts and engages the reader.

The art by Jeff Zornow, pulling double duty on inks, suits the book well with the large panel structure helping keep the focus on the action with just enough background throughout the book to show the jungle environment.

This issue fits between issues 3 & 4 of Guts n’ Glory: Rule of War, showing how future characters  came into play, which will certainly interest followers of this series. Overall, I enjoyed the book as a one shot, fans will enjoy it as an addition to the main series.

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