REVIEW : A Reason to Smile

Story & Art: Javier Cruz Winnik

Thanks to the success of major motion pictures and creator owned properties, comics have become more mature and increasingly violent. While someone like myself appreciates this swing towards adult themes and imagery, it’s creating a shortage of comics accessible to all ages.

Javier Winnik does his part to remedy this problem with his new children’s book, A Reason to Smile. Designed for a crowd that is just learning how to read, this short story follows a young girl named Luiza through her day in the city.   Each page is laid out simply, with just a few panels of art. The pages contain a few simple  lines, covering a variety of topics including being open to trying new things, handling challenges you may encounter and finding reasons to smile.

This book is perfect for a new reader or a parent reading to their child. The art will attract a crowd that enjoys Dora the Explorer for their morning entertainment and help to deliver the positive messages throughout the pages. I can envision a whole line of children’s books in this style, and if this installment  is successful,  I hope creator  Javier Winnik considers expanding his series.

Final Verdict : With a positive message to deliver to the little one running around your house, A Reason to Smile is a terrific addition to the world of kids comics and I hope it gets the attention it deserves.  With so much crazy in the world today,  kids need to hear the positive messages contained in this book.


You can get your copy at ComiXology  or Amazon


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