REVIEW: Action Cat and Adventure Bug #3

G’Day Crusaders,

This is Dodgy86 in the mix, bringing you Action Cat and Adventure Bug by Art Baltazar and Franco. Aw Yeah Comics! Proudly published by Dark Horse.

Issue 3 of the very talented team-up of Baltazar and Franco give us another tale of our favorite masked and caped feline and latex wearing arthropod. This time the alter-egos of our previously mentioned heroes are chilling at home until they were interrupted by Awesome Bear (yes, he’s a bear wearing a mask and cape) who gives Acti.. I mean Cornelius a souvenir which is a giant tooth from an adversary that Action Cat and Adventure Bug recently defeated in battle, this ain’t any tooth as our heroes find out.. how do they deal with this peculiar premolar?
We see the sweet tooth in action as it being a wizard in the kitchen making knock cup cakes and grabbing attention of the owner and customers at Aw Yeah Comics store!! What Action Cat comic would there be without his nemesis Evil Cat, what diabolical plan does he have up his sleeve? I know he doesn’t wear a shirt.. it’s a figure of speech!
I reviewed issue # 1 of Action Cat and Adventure Bug a few weeks back which I did enjoy however I couldn’t see myself reading it another issue with the fear a repetition and not enjoy the story. When I picked up this issue I had little to no expectation, I was wrong as I found myself giggling inside at some of the antics of the characters and the subtle jokes. I really like the portrayal of the characters, all except Evil Cat have warmth to them that makes this truly an all ages book. The creative don’t hold back in the cheesy jokes, please don’t stop! The art by Baltazar is bright and in your face, his characters look like they jump out of the page!! I’d like to see this hit TV!
If you having caught the genius of Baltazar and Franco, frankly you’re missing out. A great book for young and old for humor both generations will understand and appreciate.

Do ya’self a favor and check it out!

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