REVIEW: Action Comics #48

STORY BY Greg Pak, Aaron Kuder
ART BY Aaron Kuder, Rafa Sandoval, Jordi Tarragona
Published by DC

Ever read comics when you’re not in the mood? Yeah. Here’s Superman wishing he was a bit more super, loosing against Vandal Savage. The Justice League get beaten but the b-list turn up and… also get beaten oh and Frankenstein, a character I liked, is now a bad guy.

If you’ve been reading this run you know more about it than me but this didn’t really sell me. Strangely the villains come across as competent and seem to be happily succeeding where as the heroes seem to get spanked all the way through and it all feels a little stale.

The art’s good but feels a bit clustered in places and there’s a weird dichotomy of great page layout but piss poor action.

The characters all feel fairly individual and the colouring is nice and if I come across as a bit middling about this comic it’s because I am. It’s about as average as it gets.

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