REVIEW: Action Comics #960

Path of Doom Part Four

The arc seems to be a continual slug fest between Superman and Doomsday and I am ready for it to conclude.  This was my thought until reading issue 960 where Mr. Jurgens includes Wonder Woman into the mix.  The story became more interesting and divergent from Doomsday of the past for me here.  This coupled with the increased interaction of the heroes with Lois and Jon and to a lesser degree Super-Lex redeemed the initial arc for me.


The story begins with our seemingly powerless Clark Kent being saved by Wonder Woman, leaving two of the Trinity to battle Doomsday.  We also catch an early glimpse of Oz looking in on the battle.  I enjoyed the entrance of Wonder Woman and the seemingly similar focus on Lois and Jon (similar to the Superman title) however,  I don’t feel any closer to answers at the end of this issue.  This in itself is not terribly troubling but I do hope to get some additional hints as the issues progress.  Jurgen’s does provide some dialogue from Clark which seems to indicate the New-52 Superman urged him to hide out.  This was a weird point for me and begs further explanation.


As the never-ending battle ensues Jon’s superhuman scream of joy alerts Doomsday to his existence and the monster retreats.  This part of the story gives me hope for the subsequent issues and became exponentially more interesting than a rehash of the Death of Superman vibe we have been given.


The Kirkham art was just fine for me, even if Wonder Woman appears different from her depiction in her own title.  It was still beautiful and I loved the kinetic lettering across the panels and page by Rob Leigh.  My hope is we see the continual evolution of the story as it appears to be chasing in this issue.  I also hope we see Mr. Oz as more than a voyeuristic weirdo in only passing panels.

Screenshot_046 Screenshot_047

Overall, I enjoyed the changes in this issue and continue to pull the title.  I think Mr. Jurgens is setting us up for some major swerves in upcoming issues.  The art was pretty damn good in my opinion and the incremental changes are fine with me as we are getting more frequent issues with the Rebirth launch.

Story:  3.75
Art: 4.5

Written by Dan Jurgens
Art by Tyler Kirkham
Colors by Ulisses Arreola
Lettering by Rob Leigh
Cover by Clay Mann & Sonia Oback
Variant Cover by Ryann Sook


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