REVIEW: Action Comics #961

STORY BY Dan Jurgens, ART BY Stephen Segovia, Art Thibert, Published by DC Comics

Why is Lex Luther Iron Man?, why is there a Clark Kent with no powers and apparently a Lois Lane WITH powers as well as regular Superman fighting Doomsday? All these questions will be ignored as Superman and Wonder Woman reenact a few minutes of BvS, only they actually talk to each other and there’s a real sense peril in the fight.

It’s basic but well polished, Superman feels like Superman AND a dad which is a nice balance and an interesting facet to the character. The action has real impact, Superman has tactics on top of heat vision and punching. Wonder Woman is a little wooden and Lois doesn’t get much to do but neither are the focus of the comic so I’ll reserve the feeling of the female characters being sidelined till I read another issue.

The art’s nice and slick, all the arms and legs are where they should be but Doomsday’s design is a bit much, he’s going to be a bit stuck if he needs to do something as simple as scratch his armpit with all those spikes and muscles.

Superman is getting better, and throw in a good ending with a decent bit of intrigue and he’s slowly becoming his old heroic self again.



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