REVIEW: Action Comics #962

Written by Dan Jurgens, art by Stephen Segovia & Art Thibert, published by DC Comics

Well it’s satisfying I’ll give them that. Can’t shake the feeling that a wad has been blown using Doomsday this early in the new run but there’s twists, and then there’s Luther and the under current of intrigue and the family interplay, Lois pulling rank on Wonder Woman was boss, WW is still a little wooden, but meh not her comic.

The story is solid, Doomsday is a plot device more than a threat but Jurgen’s doesn’t skimp on the danger level. The conclusion to the fight was a little bit predictable but still cool especially with the added twist. Script, dialogue, pacing all march to a smart beat and Jon, Superman’s son is a brilliant addition to the narrative. Jon serves as a relatable way in for new readers and someone to take the edge off the cynicism for old readers with his wonder and awe of every fantastic thing we, as the older reader, has seen before.

I love the way the artist shows action. There’s real movement and energy, something that’s been missing from Superman for a while. There’s a few rough panels (Lois pulls a ducks arse in one shot) but there’s so much energy in the book you just don’t care. I also love the new costume.

Superman, getting there one leaped building at as time. 4.2/5


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