REVIEW: Action Comics #965

Well it was this or the next Zombie Tramp.

This fair’s better. Lois Lane returns to the Daily Planet only it’s Pre-52 Lois while Clark Kent worries why Superman doesn’t want his help and Lex Luther is Superman…oh fuck off.

The plot isn’t as baffling as it sounds and while the story and pacing are excellent the dialogue needs a bit of sharpening up, there was a chance for a bit of humour from the fish out of water but what we get is that Pre-52 Lois doesn’t like trout, the issue all falls as bit flat and takes itself a little too somberly.

The art doesn’t fair well, poor perspective, strange anatomy in places and I think Lois only pulls one different facial expression that looks like she received a cheeky finger in the brown eye.

The whole package is readable and raises questions that are the foundation for a good story but it’s less than thrilling and that’s a shame because this is the best Lois has been since the relaunch.

Oh and Zombie Tramp is still shit.

Written by Dan Jurgens, art by Stephen Segovia published by DC Comics

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