REVIEW: Action Comics #966


Action Comics really doesn’t live up to its iconic moniker in issue 966.  This issue gives us more questions than answers.  The issue begins strong with Superman and Jon training in space and we find out although Jon has not developed all of his father’s powers, he is stupid fast!  So much so when Jon jokingly asks his dad to race home he blows the doors off of Superman.  After this we get a convoluted doppelgänger Lois trying to explain, poorly I might add, to Lana “who” she is.  Superman returns to protect his wife and the trio learn the fate of Superwoman Lois.  We also learn the living Lois will assume the dead Lois’ life.  Confused??  I am.

screenshot_228 screenshot_229

At any rate the book was a chore to read, but I am hopeful and found some solace in another Saturn Girl mention.  The art was pretty solid, aside from a few odd faces, but I loved the depiction of Lana’s radiance.


Hang tight kiddies and don’t give up on Action Comics, I am hopeful this issues exposition will lead to something more.

Written By: Dan Jurgens
Art By: Stephen Segovia, Art Thibert, Rob Leigh

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