REVIEW: Action Comics #979

If the first page of this comic doesn’t hook you I don’t know what will! In Action Comics Revenge part one, we open to Mongul one hand choking a beaten and torn Superman. Mongul, stuck in the Black Mercy’s flower dream world is suddenly awakened by the Eradicator. Writer Dan Jurgens is again on par with Action Comics. I thought we’ve seen his best stuff already but it looks like he’s just getting warmed up. Patch Zircher’s art is the perfect blend of detailed action and scenery that goes hand in hand with Jurgens action packed storyline.

Eradicator recruits Mongul as he is the most recent recruit that he’s been collecting for his master who we now know is a human Hank Henshaw. So now we have a powerhouse of a team of Superman villains. Eradicator, Metallo, Blanque and now Mongul. The cover of this issue kinda gives away the ending but true Superman fans from back in the “Death of Superman” line day, can already see where this story is going.

We then head to Metropolis where Lois and Clark are apartment shopping and finding just the right one for the comings and goings of a superhero. No John in this issue. I guess he’s off with Damion getting into trouble, I guarantee it. As Lois and Clark “break in” the new place, Superman’s enemies are getting more and more dangerous. By retrieving the Oblivion stone from a Himalayan refuge Superman uses to store the dangerous item, we see the Mongul and Eradicator fight and bicker over the stone. The three villains retrieve it with some resistance from Klon and Dratania but it’s not enough to stop this crazy dangerous force. It’s fun to watch the villains fight between themselves and still find a way to get along. By now Superman gets the signal that his refuge has been compromised but alas he’s too late. But quickly before we move on. The pages of Superman flying halfway across the world are just stunning and wonderful to stop and take the time of what’s happening here. He crosses an ocean, a desert, the Himalayas themselves in two pages. This is great comic work folks. Wonderful panel work and great scenery work as we watch the hero of heroes do the impossible.

Okay now Hank Henshaw has the Oblivion stone, he makes the transformation that we haven’t seen is quite sometime. That’s right Cyborg Superman is back and he’s not done forming his posse just yet. Hank really wants to go overkill on his team building. He’s planning something horrendous, I can tell. You don’t form up this team and go for the lightweight stuff.

Ever since the Rebirth launch, Action Comics has delivered the much deserved title. A rich fast paced story with characters new and old. It’s been a pure fun ride and I’m glad to see it shows no sign of slowing down. The art is always a punch to the eye that will leave you with a twinkle in it soon after you turn that last page. Action Comics gets five out of five stars.

(W) Dan Jurgens (A) Patrick Zircher (CA) Clay Mann

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