Review: Action Comics #987

What the fu…

For months, the speculation of who Oz would ultimately turn out to be has been rampant. He’s the pre-Rebirth Luthor. He’s Ozymandias from Watchmen. The guesses went on and on. Clues leading in many directions have been seeded throughout the various titles for months and now Dan Jurgens has his big moment.

Oz is…

The last person I really expected. I had heard one or two others land on the right person, but the revelation is still an incredible shock.

We’ve seen for a while now, that Oz has been manipulating people all across the world. He’s been attaching badges that push their negative emotions, making them more self-centered, greedy and angry. Whenever anybody gets too close to discovering the badges and their purposed, Oz managed to erase the memories and data, as Lex Luthor discovered.

The prologue of Oz easily destroying one of Superman’s long time villains, highlights his ruthlessness and anger. He has been clearing the board of any obstacles that could interfere with his plan. Now, with everything set, he pulls the trigger.

I loved the way Viktor Bogdanovic’s splash page opens the issue. Superman is lifting a truck over his head in a nod to his first appearance in Action Comics years ago. It has almost become cliche to do a page like that. Bogdanovic breathes new life into the classic and renews the idea Superman as a symbols of hope. A symbol that you need to hold onto as you go through this issue.

Jurgens and Bogdanovic use their decades long association with the characters and title to their best advantage. They have set up a great opening chapter in this story. Oz manages to turn everything Superman’s worked toward to ashes. If he can break the symbol of humanity’s ideals and greatness, what can the rest of us do.

I also like the way they have seeded the idea that despite all the violence, there is a counter to it. Jonathan has seen the real difference between vanity and greatness. They also counterpoint the negativity with the reactions of Jimmy Olsen and Perry White, who are shocked at the violent outbreak, but will work to bring the cause to light.

This really is one of the best opening acts of a mainstream character’s storyline in a long time. Jurgens and Bogdanovic are really starting strong with all the prologue actions.

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Pencils: Viktor Bogdanovic
Inks: Jonathan Glapion, Jay Leisten, and Viktor Bogdanovic
Color: Mike Spicer
Cover: Nick Bradshaw and Brad Anderson

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