REVIEW: Adam 2.0 Black Swan Vol. 1

Writer: Giuseppe Di Bernardo
Artists: Michela Da Sacco, Daniele Statella, Fabio Piacentini
Publisher: DieGo Publishing

Alien abductions, conspiracy and crop circles.  No, we are not back in X-Files territory.  Where we are is in the acclaimed graphic novel, translated from Italian into English by DieGo Comics Publishing. Written by Giuseppe Di Bernado, who has a passion for all thing ufology, the story is a love story between Adam Mack and Soul Sewell who have been stretched through time and space since 9/11.

Now, I was around when the X-Files first hit TV screens and had my mind blown on more than one occasion.  This book, no matter how hard it tries, can not recapture that.  Granted, I may not be as well read as Di Bernado, but this book was hard work.  From the get go, the idea of a Black Swan factor causing negativity in the world offends me with its possible connotations.   According to the introduction, this book is based on facts and testimonies by leading researchers and pseudo-archaeologists, one of the most famous being, though not cited here, is Erich von Daniken,  Instead, we have a book based on the “works” of David Icke to name one. Back to the book; as a whole, the translation holds up well, with a lot of work going into getting not just the words but the intent of the words right.

Art is supplied by Michela Da Sacco, Danielle Statella and Fabio Piacentini; who does what I am a little uncertain.  Looking through the book there is very little to determine who is responsible for which parts.  The lack of color doesn’t hinder the book, allowing the clean lines to show through.

Unfortunately,  the obvious quality of the production aside, this book doesn’t impress me.  Granted, fiction can take a lead from both factual and non factual elements, extrapolating further ideas and conversations about grander things. For me, regardless of the potentially dubious nature of the source material, I would still like to be entertained, something that von Daniken achieved and Di Bernado hasn’t.

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