Well it’s a done in one crossover between a character I like and a franchise I know nothing about that starts out a little wooden and splintery but improves page by page until it becomes an enjoyable way into comics for a younger audience who might buy this for the Quest side of this.

Adam Strange is a bit second fiddle and more of a plot point than a requirement to the story but his character beats are loud enough to dance to and it all ends satisfactorily.

There’s a Top Cat and Batman crossover in the back up which goes nowhere and does nothing except set up an ongoing story for TC, the art looks rushed and there’s no need for it to be a crossover as all Batman does is listen to TC’s story.

So yeah, if you have kids into the Quest show and feel like getting them into comics, you could do worse than this.

(W) Marc Andreyko, Jeff Parker, Dan DiDio (A) Steve Lieber, Phil Winslade (CA) Evan “Doc” Shaner

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