REVIEW: Adventure Time #14

Full of zany goodness and randomness that only Adventure Time can deliver, we go on four separate tales of adventures with the latest issue of Adventure Time #14. All written and illustrated individually by Jarrett Williams (Princess rap battle) Grace Kraft (Chef Bmo) Patsy Chen (Laugh Cry Laugh) and Lucie Ebrey (Feeling Peachey).

I don’t know about you but I love Adventure Time. I watch the show, play the games, and read the comics whenever I can. It’s for kids and the inner child in all of us adults that cling onto that funny bone that we’re never really ready to give up. In this recent issue we get plenty of that. In a single storyline or separate ones in a collection like this one, Adventure time can cram so much random funny delight in just one short book. Characters that we’ve come to know and love in the most modern situations that are preformed in their post apocalyptic world just makes it such a wonderful read for everyone.

We get plenty of princess action as Breakfast Princess and Flame Princess square off in a “heated” rap battle in the first tale Princess Rap Battle. Not going to lie, Breakfast Princess cuts a little deep into Flame Princess’s personal life as she burns her like toast. Flame Princess hits back but as the votes tally the winner, we’re interrupted by a vicious, lyric mess known as LSP. This issue kicks off great right off the bat!

Next we have a cute tale of BMO hell-bent on making the perfect soup. Trying all that it can, BMO still comes up short but learns a valuable lesson in the process in thanks to Jake the Dog! After that we have Princess Bubblegum, a sleepwalking Marceline, and some cursed bling. In Laugh Cry Laugh we get the duo of princess and vampire queen on a crusade to find new clothes, test friendships and a deliver a fresh montage! Last but not least we get a character we don’t see very often but we do once in a while. T.V. is surfing the net and bored out of his gord. Until he gets an email by mistake about a very secret very delicious snack. T.V. with his father’s appetite, goes on the quest in search for this perfect sounding snack (take me with you T.V.!).

Adventure Time always delivers the goods. If you want to relax and smile then this book has always been for you. It never gets old as they are always dipping into the character pool to keep us up to date with characters they don’t use all the time, which is a great thing for a story to do. Adventure Time #14 gets five out of five stars.

Written by Ryan North, Chris Schweizer
Art by Braden Lamb, Shelli Paroline, Chris Schweizer
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