REVIEW: Adventure Time 2016 SpOooktacular #1

By a plethora of brilliantly creative people, published by Kaboom!

I don’t know how to start this. It’s an anthology of horror stories set in the world of Ooo, usually involving Gunther the penguin. I know enough of Adventure Time to gauge it against the cartoon and as brilliant as the cartoon is the comic is so good I get it for my daughter. This is no different. I’ll say this though, it puts other “scary” Halloween comics in the shade. I’m not covering each story but Soul food is genuinely disturbing in a way that might make David Cronenberg sit back and say “Steady on!”

What astounds me is the fact that each story is distinct, the style and pacing is different each time but they all feel like Adventure Time stories. There’s not much variation in the design but each individual artist’s style in both art, story telling and colour defines each story.

The true genius here though is; despite the odd WTF moment that still never needs to be expanded to WHAT THE FUCK? territory this is a great comic for kids. Yes, anyone whose fascinated by the surreal relationship of a frozen king and his mute penguin is going to enjoy this, but it’s ideal for kids. Kids don’t question talking dogs or sentient candles, they just get on with enjoy the story.

We could all learn from that.

Publisher: KaBOOM!, an imprint of BOOM! Studios
Writers: Meg Gandy, Travis Betz, Kevin Jay Stanton
Artists: Meg Gandy, Ruth Turner, Kevin Jay Stanton

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