Review : Adventure Time # 42

G’day Adventurers,

Dodgy86 is back into the mix! Bringing you another adventurous comic book review of Adventure Time # 42 by Christopher Hastings, Ian McGinty with art by Phil Murphy, Zachary Sterling, Ian McGinty

From the opening page you immediately have the feel of the surreal animation and story telling of the infamous TV show.

The story begins with two bears in the form of the titular characters who infiltrate The King Ooo’s lair, will they complete their quest before their disguises wear off or will Finn and Jake seek their fate from the King’s faithful bears?

Honestly (don’t shoot me, Cosplayers!), I do not actively watch the show because it’s weird and yet I have watched a few episodes and know of the odd characters and story line – I did actually enjoy this book and I may be a convert. There were a few LOL moments with the pacing and the artwork.

I do actually want to read more and watch more of the series. I know the fans would crave this!

Join the adventure and do ya’self a favour and check it out!

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