REVIEW: Adventure Time #57

Friends help friends to stop being bad guys and try to stop an elder god from taking over the universe, and do it with less fuss than the Avengers.

At some point in the past the creator of Adventure Time, Pendleton Ward, broke out of a U.S. LSD testing facility, created the AT universe, needed help and went back for his friends. The phrase “stick arms and legs on it and make it talk” is the only directive this team needs to produce this magnificent comic.

Take Lovecraft and mix it with the Magic Roundabout, filter the result through the innocence of a six-year-old and spike it with the cynicism of a homeless veteran with no legs. Adventure Time.

I’m curious if this is indicative of the cartoon, if so I feel contemporary media is preparing today’s youth for a future ruled either by a cold ice queen or an evil old orange.

Written by Christopher Hastings, art by Ian McGinty, published by Kaboom.

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