REVIEW: Adventure Time: President Bubblegum

With Adventure Time: President Bubblegum, I was interested to see how the TV show would translate into a comic. I know there are other Adventure Time comics, but sadly, I’ve never read them. I know, I suck, but I’m making up for it with this one!

This particular one-shot story follows the findings of the Constitoootion, a document stating that there must be a president of the Land of Ooh. Princess Bubblegum is already ruler over her candy kingdom, but now she must run against other members of Ooo to keep her position.

Josh Trujillo’s writing was spot on, and made me laugh a lot more than I have at Adventure Time lately. The story was light-hearted, but had some very serious undertones, which sticks to the theme of the show. It’s safe enough for kids, but has mature messages that adults will understand, and kids can learn from. I wasn’t sure how that would translate with politics, but I will say that I wish our real world presidential campaigns were as mature as the ones in this story. If that’s saying something, I don’t know what is.

I’ve always liked the character of Princess Bubblegum for many reasons. She is a smart and proud ruler of her kingdom, but is also a scientist that does experiments in her lab. She’s beautiful, kind, intelligent, and shows her emotions, which is something that sets a great example for little girls. The whole “you can be either smart or pretty” stereotype is just ridiculous as hell, and it’s nice to see a character that breaks that. Yes, you can be girly, but you can also be into science and do things outside of your gender role mold that is just begging to be broken. This entire story is centered around Bubblegum’s struggle of getting into politics, and trying to be fair to her kingdom. Yes, she has a hard time and isn’t always perfect, but that’s what makes her great. It’s a great example to girls and boys alike, and I believe that characters like Bubblegum are the future of storytelling, as they should be.

This book really went above and beyond, and definitely lived up to the show. Phil Murphy’s illustrations were spot on, and the colorful world of Ooo was brought to life by Joie Brown, Fred Stresing, and Meg Casey. I don’t understand why some people still think that colorful characters and worlds are just for kids, but I personally just love a story that has rainbows dancing off the page.

Story: 5 Stars
Artwork: 5 Stars
Colors: 5 Stars

by Josh Trujillo (Author), Pendleton Ward (Creator), Phil Murphy (Illustrator)

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