REVIEW: Adventures of Supergirl Chapter #3

This digital first offering from DC is a nice companion piece for fans that have been enjoying the CBS television series. While the story isn’t breaking new ground in comics, it does offer fans of the TV show something new. In short, this is a great title to steer your non-comic book friends towards. The art by Bengal is fantastic. Here we have a Supergirl that feels and looks feminine without being sexualized. The art is fluid, the facial expressions are varied, and the layout leads the reader through the story at a decent pace. Sterling Gates gives us a story that doesn’t waste panels. The story is tight and on point. Kara has been kidnapped and held hostage by Rampage. A fellow alien that suffers from increased… wait for it…rage, when placed in the Earth’s yellow sun. Rampage and her sister have been hidden away for years. Rampage’s sister, unable to control her anger, was housed in the same cage that Kara is currently held in. Rampage holds Kara and her sister responsible for the death of Rampage’s sister and plans on making Supergirl suffer for her loss.

The story ends rather quickly with Kara’s sister busting in with a s.w.a.t. team as Rampage escapes. Supergirl gets out of the cage and everyone goes home happy. The story was solid. The art was fantastic, but all in all, this was just a typical superhero tale. There is nothing wrong with that, but veterans to the hobby will be left with wanting more substance, while new readers will walk away satisfied. I place this title firmly in the middle of our scoring sale. Two and half stars.

Adventures of Supergirl #3
Story: Sterling Gates
Art: Bengal
Letters: Saida Temofonte

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