REVIEW: Adventures of Supergirl: Chapter 6

Serendipity happens to even comic book fans,  Just as the TV show returns to UK screens following its mid-season break,  I am asked to take another look at its TV spawned inspired companion comic book.  In the time since the last episode and my review of chapter 1, has either improved?

I will leave the virtues and problems for the TV show for another time (maybe a DC TV Capes podcast!), instead I am focussing on the comic book.

The story is quite a simple story, but is done extremely well.  Vril Dox has been captured; but that doesn’t mean he is necessarily harmless.  This is bourn out as he starts a relentless attack on Kara.

Sterling Gates continues his exemplary work.  Whilst the story may come across as simple, it is written so well that you can’t help but smile as you read it, can’t help but recognise the inferences from the TV show, can’t help but think “Wow, what a great issue”.  Gates gives Dox a sense of power, even when it seems he is powerless.  The dialogue sparkles with threat and danger as does the various situations that Kara finds herself in.

Emanuela Lupacchino is a veteran artist, who has worked on various books for various publishers.  I have to admit, I have only supergirl6seen her Worlds Finest covers featuring Huntress and Power Girl.  The fact that her covers on that book is far superior to the interior art feels like a somewhat backhanded compliment, but that feeling quickly dissipates when you see the gorgeous work inside this book.  I don’t think that I have ever seen Supergirl drawn so well.  Lupacchino doesn’t just stop with the heroine; look at how Kara is drawn in a neutral setting; Lupacchino is in full control of the environments.  There are subtle aspects to the panel and layout.  For example, throughout the first few panels and pages, Supergirl is posed with her arms folded, which is a defensive posture, alluding to the threat that Dox still presents.  The art is rounded off with inker Ray McCarthy and the colorist Hi-Fi.

I absolutely love this book.  The script works, the story works even if it does feel like a middle, a middle and a middle and the art is gorgeous.  This is what the Supergirl character should be, fun! DC’s darkening of their universe via nu52 may not have been the place for a hopeful character like Supergirl; this is pretty much clear from the outset of her series to the whole Red Lantern fiasco.  Hopefully, the Rebirth team will take note of how a Supergirl book should be done.

Written By: Sterling Gates
Art By: Emanuela Lupacchino, Ray McCarthy, Hi-Fi
Letters By: Saida Temofonte


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