REVIEW: After The Gold Rush #1

Miles Greb – Creator & Writer
Isaac La Russa – Lead Artist & Concept Artist
Michael Shepard – Colorist
Andrew Pierce – Editor
Jamie Me – Lettering

After The Gold Rush is treading pretty familiar territory with a return to planet of Earth on a mission of discovery and re-emergence and re-start. As the book opens we get to join the returning pilot as he sets his landing skis on crash land mode.  From there it goes as you would expect, with “is the air safe?” or “can I drink the water?” to who are those people hiding in the shadows and finally, why is there no internet?  All these are important questions.

Miles Greb is responsible for words and story and as such, with the number of similar tales out theregold1 from Wall:E to The 100. And therein lies the aim for this book; it may not attract the attention of an older reader, but it is suited to a younger reader, who  may by looking for another young hero to follow.  A younger reader will also appreciate the monologue throughout the issue as it serves to educate and inform the reader whilst also providing hints of a bigger story.

The art is by Isaac La Russa and features a loose easy style that borders on the cartoony.  Looking at some of the facial elements of the main character, its easy to assume there is a Disney-esque inspiration, circa Aladdin, in play.  That’s not really a bad thing, as it may be that La Russa is looking at that age group as his main audience.  Even the colors have a loose feel to them, giving a felt-tip feel to the surroundings.

I would really love to say that this book breaks the mould on this type of story.  Unfortunately, there just isn’t enough differences from previously similar tales that make it stand out.  That’s a shame as both Greb and La Russa seem to be in sync when it comes to their audience selection.

You can follow the project closer at – @Goldrushcomic

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