REVIEW: Age of Reptiles: Ancient Egyptian #3

Story: Ricardo Delgado
Art: Ricardo Delgado
Colors: Ryan Hill
Publisher : Dark Horse Comics
Release Date: 08/05/2015

Dinosaurs  continue their reign of glory in Reptiles: Ancient Egyptian #3. As with previous issues, creators Ricardo Delgado and Ryan Hill completely abandon dialogue in favor of a story completely told through art and colors. With a concept like this, you can easily breeze through an issue and move on to something else. But I believe the value in this type of creation lies in taking your time with each scene and appreciating the details. Age of Reptiles: Ancient Egyptian #3 definitely provided that opportunity for me.  I have to admit,  I had to read through this issue a couple times before the story really sank in for me, but each go round was as enjoyable as the last.

The artwork is slightly abstract but highly detailed.  I took an “interpret then appreciate” approach to each panel and found myself grasping the story much better than trying to read the issue like a traditional comic.  Ryan Hill’s colors continue to be a key component of the storytelling and contribute to the story just as much as the art.

Final Verdict: Age of Reptiles: Ancient Egyptian #3 continues to push the envelope with its unique approach to storytelling and is an enjoyable read whether you’re just having a quick read or want to take your time with it. This series is like watching a documentary on the animal planet and dinosaur lovers of all ages should enjoy this issue.


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