REVIEW: Agent 47 Birth of the Hitman # 2


Our story opens in 1989. A young girl is given a gun with the objective of avenging her dead parents. She’s awkward and can’t even hold the weapon. Then we cut to Umea Sweden. We are drawn into the situation that involves Tor Halversom, the CEO of Halversom media. This story is a tale of revenge and violence that only our heroes can deal with in James Bond fashion, only without the suave and sophisticated demeanor of that secret agent.

The Creative Team:

Christopher Sebela thrusts us into this world of intricate sensibilities as the young lady Dianna has to grow up fast to avenge the death of her parents. She seeks help from a woman that sells her a gun, but also has ulterior motives  and has plans for Dianna after this mission is done. Sebela wants Dianna to learn the hard way the shaky situation she’s got herself into. Her revenge will not come easy. It’s a game of cat and mouse and the cat has to be trained how to catch the mouse. A great issue that brings us into the heart of Dianna’s situation.

Ariel Medel is the right artist to bring Sebela’s story to life. His pages bring the characters to life in a no nonsense fashion that bring the story to new levels of danger that our protagonists can only imagine are aimed at them. His tight panels showcase the heightened suspense as the tale progresses to new levels of urgency. Its great stuff and he draws us into the story in a fast paced action packed manner that makes this comic an easy read.

In Conclusion:

We’re led to feel a strong concern for Dianna’s dilemma. She’s obsessed with discovering her parents killers and seeking justice, street justice but justice none the less. We are concerned that the very people she’s seeking help from are also manipulating her for their own agenda and we hope that she can figure that out before it’s too late! Dianna finally confronts the man that she believes killed her parents, but is he the guilty party? Is she blind to what justice is and about to do something that she may regret? To be continued. **** (8.8 rating)

Writer – Christopher Sebela
Art – Ariel Medel
Color – Omi Remalante
Letters – Thomas Napolitano
Publisher- Dynamite Entertainment

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